By the Hounslow & District History Society

 Aspiring local historians, history society members and others,

who can contribute an article (or two, short or long) to

THE HONESLAW CHRONICLE, the twice-yearly journal of the Hounslow & District History Society

As is so often the case, the work of creating content for our local history magazine is done by a handful of activists and committee members – the usual suspects. Our small editing and writing team does a splendid job, with help, inspiration and additional content always welcome, from wherever it can be found. We always write about what interests us; and we hope that it interests you, too! But if it doesn’t, then perhaps you’d like to have a go yourself at researching and writing up a local story or subject that other members might like to read about?

It’s all been done before, hasn’t it? Perhaps it has, some of it, but your ideas, your knowledge and your perspective might throw a new light on an old tale.

It takes 650 words to fill a page in the Honeslaw Chronicle and somebody’s got to write them. There could be space for you there too! We may be able to help you find pictures to illustrate your article.

If we had a letters page, would you write to us commenting on something of local interest that you have read in our magazine, or seen elsewhere? Would you like to see a notes and queries page with considered responses to questions of local history that might be raised by readers?

LET US KNOW; better still, HAVE A GO! Why not write an article for The Honeslaw Chronicle?

Yours truly, The Editorial Team.