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A Family Business; by Geoff Thomason, 1996. The Story of Hounslow’s weekly newspaper – The Middlesex Chronicle. £3.50 + p&p

Fire and Water: Fire Fighting in Isleworth, Heston & Hounslow 1744-1941; by Stuart Bagnall, 2007. £6.00 + p&p

The History of the Army in Hounslow; by Barry Raymond, 2003. The history of the army in Hounslow and the surrounding area from c.1215 to the present day. £13.50 + p&p

On Q: Jack and Beattie de Leon and the Q Theatre; by Kenneth Barrow, foreword by Dirk Bogarde, 1992. £6.00 + p&p

Richard Earl of Cornwall  and King of Almayne, 1209-1272, 1995; by A C B Urwin. Richard of Cornwall was Lord of the manors of Isleworth and Twickenham. £2.50 + p&p

Sarah Trimmer of Brentford and her Children, with some of her early writings; by D M Yarde, 1990. £3.00 + p&p

The Story of St. Paul’s Church, Hounslow Heath; by Brian Grumbridge, 2007. £6.00 + p&p

The Story of St. Mary the Virgin, Worton Road, Isleworth; by Brian Grumbridge, 2006. £5.00 + p&p